BCSR Meetings

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Spring meeting

The spring meeting of the Bloomsbury Centre for Skeletal Research was held at the Guy’s campus of KCL at London Bridge on Wednesday 29th March from 17:00 onwards. The local organiser was Professor Agi Grigoriadis


17:00    Welcome – Agi Grigoriadis (KCL)

17:10    Genomic analysis of sarcomas – Adrienne Flanagan (UCL-RNOH)

17:35    Skeletal dysplasias: molecular insights to novel therapies – Melita Irving (KCL)

18:00   Vesicular trafficking in bone homeostasis – Gudrun Stenbeck (Brunel) 

18:20   Bone fracture pain – Ran Magnusdottir (RVC)

18:30   How do ions released from implant materials affect the function of primary  osteoblasts and osteoclasts? – Yutong (Amy) Li (UCL)

18:40   Networking reception – 28th floor Guy’s Tower (generously supported by UCB) 

Agi Grigoriadis & friends

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New Investigators’ get-together


Natural History Museum, Friday 27th January 2017

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Inaugural meeting

The first meeting of the Bloomsbury Centre for Skeletal Research was held at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden Town on Wednesday 30th November 2016 from 17:00 – 19:30.


17:00    Welcome – Tim Arnett   (UCL)

17:10    Mechanism of the inhibitory action of sclerostin on bone – David Ke   (UCB Pharma)

17:35    On the extent to which things mayn’t be as deemed in bones and Bloomsbury – Alan Boyde   (QMUL)

18:00    The craniofacial skeleton: not just another bone – Karen J Liu   (KCL)

18:15    Developmental plasticity in the skeletons of moving embryos – Andrea Pollard   (Imperial)

18:25    Stem cells for the treatment of skeletal disorders – Anna Maria Ranzoni   (UCL) 

18:35    Networking reception (generously supported by UCB)




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