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Jobs and studentships in skeletal research can be posted here free of charge
Advertisements should contain a brief description, an e-mail address and/or web location for obtaining further details, and the closing date.
Simply send details to:
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BBSRC funded collaborative project between Southampton, Kent, Portsmouth, Oxford and DSTL  (Jan 2020)

Nanodroplet emulsions for oxygen delivery in bone repair


University of Portsmouth Molecular mechanisms of cognitive impairment caused by DMD gene mutations  (Jan 2020)


University of Portsmouth Role of DMD gene in development and function of white blood cells  (Jan 2020)


University of Portsmouth DMD gene in development and cancer   (Jan 2020)


The role of P2X7 purinoceptor-bacteria interactions in the pathophysiology and treatment of Periodontitis  (Jan 2020)


University of Portsmouth  Role of Bacteria-Purinoceptor Interactions in Pathological Changes Leading to Implant Failure   (Jan 2020)






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